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I Hate Selling (The Gonzo Method)

I was recently talking with my wife as she read one of my sales articles and she exclaimed: “Wow, people really need this stuff!?”

“Yes,” I calmly retorted, “people really need, and read, mind you, this stuff.” Sidebar: She is a wonderful woman who heads up the technology division of our company; and I love her dearly. Back on task.

“So much communication….so many techniques,” she said.


“Wow, I hate selling,” she said.

“Of that I am painfully aware,” I said, in a bit of a resigned tone.

My wife then looked at me and said: “I just tell people the price and say there it is. If they say ‘no,’ so be it, I’m busy.”

“That’s true honey,” I said, “you don’t beat around the bush.”

“It’s the Gonzo Method,” she said as she was heading out the door. “Just go for the ‘no,’ you should try it some time!”


And so I share with you my friends, the Gonzo Method for sales. Simply state your price with supreme confidence, go for the ‘no,’ and get ready to write an order – because, I assure you, in the appropriate situation the Gonzo Method just flat out works…..every time.


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Posted by Doug Van Dyke on 2012-01-01 at 11:15 AM
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