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Leadership Development Program

Leaders impact culture! Nothing will impact the culture of your organization more positively than a well-rounded, cutting-edge leader. Raise the bar of excellence by attending or sponsoring someone to attend our engaging, high-impact leadership development program.  

Description of Program

Over a 12-week period participants will receive world-class training developed by Doug Van Dyke of Leadership Simplified. The training sessions will take place weekly. If a participant has a schedule-conflict with one of the classes, no problem, they can attend one of the weekly make-up classes. It should be noted that participants can reinforce and expand their learning by attending the make-up session in addition to the regularly scheduled session. Participants are encouraged to attend both sessions if their schedules permit. 

There will be an assignment associated with each training session that must be completed prior to the next meeting. In addition, after each class the participants will be required to write a one-page summary of the material covered. The summary will also include their takeaways and application of the material.

Each participant will receive a thumb drive with five audio sessions during the course of the twelve classes. The audios and will help to reinforce the mission-critical material that was covered during the training sessions. Throughout the training curriculum each participant will have access to Leadership Simplified’s online resources. In addition, upon graduation from the program, each participant will receive an autographed copy of Leadership Simplified – The Field Guide for Savvy Leaders

As part of the program, participants will have a total of two-hours of one-on-one coaching. The coaching may be face-to-face or take place over the phone. The agenda for each one-on-one session will be tailored to best benefit the individual participant.

Who Should Attend

  • Advanced leaders who are looking to broaden skills and raise their bar of excellence
  • Entrepreneurs who are seeking a competitive advantage
  • New leaders who possess incredible potential

Investment Per Participant

Tuition includes access to 12 training sessions and 12 make-up sessions, two hours of one-on-one executive coaching, a thumb drive with five audio sessions, a signed copy of Leadership Simplified – The Field Guide for Savvy Leaders, and access to online materials. Class size is small and limited to 15 total participants. This unique, individualized program is $3,500.

Meeting Dates & Location

The training sessions will last two hours and take place once per week for 12 weeks with one make-up session being held per week. 


“Excellent topics covered. I have implemented some things already in my organization and have found that these things really do work!! I am excited to watch the organization grow along with myself because of this course.”

Stacy Reilly


City of Clearwater


"Great content! The handouts really helped. It is nice to get away from the office and be able to focus on leadership skills. Each week I implemented more tools and techniques."

Ted Vandigriff


American Express


"This program helped me with all aspects of leadership. From communication and organizational skills, to efficiency and leading people. A great value, as well as a great use of time!"

Jason Catlin

CPA & President

JPC International Tax Advisors


"Very well done. Every time I hear Doug Van Dyke speak I think of things I can be doing better as a leader. Thank you for being an inspiration!"

Dawn Cavaliere

Owner & Entrepreneur

Cavaliere Creations


"Very practical and good tools. Good examples throughout that will help me be a stronger team leader and coach to others"

Rob Lane

Managing Partner

Kerkering Barberio, P.A.


"The insight I have gained from attending the Leadership Development course on ‘managing verses leading’ is empowering! Having managed for the past 16 plus years, I look forward to leading for the next 16.

Skills that I have put to use have already changed my days. My time is better spent and my availability to get the 'special' projects underway are being managed much better than 10 weeks ago. As I continue to enhance my leadership skills, I am certain it will make a difference for us as we "move" forward as a team.

Thank you, I really enjoyed the class."

Lori Bryan

Accounts Payable Supervisor For R.B. "Chips" Shore

Manatee County Clerk of the Circuit Court


"Awesome program! I learned a number of techniques to more effectively lead, not only in corporate America, but at home, interacting with my family as well. Doug has an extremely positive, wonderful attitude. I truly enjoyed real-life examples Doug shared throughout this program."

Lauren Anderson

Director of Accounting



"Very thorough, covered many valuable topics. I have already used things I learned! Even seasoned professionals will learn and take away many new techniques"

Connie Arledge

Principal, Senior Vice President

Kerkering Barberio, P.A.


“Great class. Very organized and simplified breaking items down so they aren’t intimidating, creating an easy implementation for me.”

Jodi McConnell

Assistant Controller

Neal Communities


“I think the program was fantastic. This covers many of the areas that are not taught in an MBA or other programs. It is amazing how these straight forward tips, tools and strategies can truly make a difference in an organization. Personally, I feel I have gained confidence as a leader (not manager), and my direct reports are better engaged, more efficient, and productive.”

Ann Lee

Finance/Administration Manager

Peace River Manasota Regional Water Supply Authority


"The program provided me with tools/concepts and materials that will improve/enhance my leadership skills in my current role and all future roles. The materials provided will be a great reference for years to come. Doug’s one-on-one coaching hour was enlightening. Practicing the concepts learned during the program will continue to improve my leadership abilities."

Chris Corneroli

Tax Manager

Kerkering Barberio, P.A.


“Thank you – Thank you – Thank you! This program came at the perfect time for me as a recently promoted manager. Every week, I received so much meaty information and many techniques to put into place. Organized in easy to digest and implementable pieces, the format made it easy to try and succeed.”

Susan Flowers

Accounting Manager

Manatee County Clerk of the Circuit Court


“Doug is a wonderful person who is genuinely interested in developing leaders at all levels. His positivity and enthusiasm in the material is contagious and makes an 8am (sharp) start engaging. As an aside his flexibility and understanding made completing the class possible for me- I will forever be grateful for that. I highly recommend the Leadership Simplified programming for any lifetime learner looking to sharpen, grow, or develop practical leadership skills.”

Jill Gass

Step Up Suncoast


"Amazing!! Thank you for so many great tools!! I thoroughly enjoyed this experience. Doug provides an in-depth approach on how being an effective leader in the workplace benefits not only the workplace environment, but the whole person in the process."

Deborah Vaughan

Vice President/Branch Manager

CenterState Bank


"I find Doug's expertise very valuable and enjoy his engaging presentation style"

Ashley Mateer

Director of Professional Relations

Tidewell Hospice


"This program provided valuable information that can be implemented in real-time. I felt with each session, I grew as a leader. It taught me that I want to coach my team because their success is my success!"

Silvia Caldwell

Director of Professional Relations - Hospitals

Tidewell Hospice


"Very informative, particularly for myself as a new leader. This program covers all of the critical 'must know' information."

Amy Lillevold

Clinical Director

Tidewell Hospice


"I found the 12-week course very timely and informative. Many of the topics covered were occuring simutaneously at my workplace. I found that I had the tools to handle the situations with a positive outcome."

Kelly Strickland

Director of Financial Administration

City of Sarasota


"Excellent facilitation, content, and resources."

Diana Heaven

Senior Career Coach

CareerSource Suncoast

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