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Before becoming a manager, you were probably trained in a specific area: sales, analyzing markets, planning a project, writing technical specifications. Your success in your field sent you on a meteoric rise in your company and planted you firmly in the seat of a manager – shiny name plate and all. The pitfall is that training to be a manager was not on your “professional to-do list.” Did you rationalize you could pick up what you needed to know along the way? Now you have new management responsibilities that put you outside of your comfort zone. Where can you learn the essential skills to manage?


The Leadership Simplified Management Training program enhances the five basic qualities of a manager: 


Communication – managers need to deliver important information and direction to their team members. They are constantly making requests and guiding others as they execute strategy. In order to be their most effective, managers need tools and techniques – and that is what our management training program delivers. Sysco Foods knows this. They have engaged Doug Van Dyke to work with their operations managers, sales managers, marketing managers, and merchandising managers. The results? Leaders who:

  1. Ask terrific questions
  2. Possess the 5 ingredients to effective listening.
  3. Build stronger rapport and reduce the errors through the marvelous skill of paraphrasing.
  4. Understand the psychological impact of non-verbal communication.

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management communication training

Case Study: Collaboration

“Us versus them,” that was the issue that Assurant Employee Benefits was facing. Assurant had a sales team and a service team that seemingly could not get along. Every team member was frustrated. Sales results and profits were suffering. Morale hit bottom. That’s when Assurant contacted Doug Van Dyke for help. Doug introduced the Assurant management team to a construct called Working Agreements. Through the working agreement process, team members began to share clear expectations of each other, communicate smarter, and gain clarity regarding the potential that exists in collaborative relationships. As collaboration improved, so did sales results. Within twelve months of implementing their newly acquired management skills, the managers of the Assurant team were recognized as top performers in the company. Plus, their team members experienced the added bonus of great team building in the process!

Contact Doug now and learn how better collaboration leads to incredible performance!           


Case Study: Time Management

  “If only we could manufacture time!” That was the lament of the managers of Fortis. They felt they were losing sales because their sales force was disorganized. In addition, they had support people who were unfocused and overwhelmed – seemingly swimming in a sea of paper. Fortis requested that Doug Van Dyke conduct a management training session entitled Building a Powerful Day. The day after the program the managers at Fortis implemented their takeaways. The results for Fortis? Team members whose day was structured around meaningful actions; better measured outcomes; priorities that were clearly focused; and increases in sales volume and quality of support service.

Don’t procrastinate – Connect with Doug today and learn how your team can manufacture time.        


Case Study: Meetings

Bealls Department Stores was looking for answers on how they could increase the positive impact of internal meetings. “So many meetings waste time,” was a common complaint.  They engaged Doug Van Dyke to conduct his semi-famous Death by Meetings training. Within one week of the management training, the Bealls leaders implemented the 16 skills that they learned during the session. The result?

  1. Shorter meetings
  2. Fewer meetings
  3. Better engagement during meetings
  4. Increased implementable actions coming out of meetings

Contact Doug today and learn how to help your managers murder less of their team member’s precious time, by holding meetings that matter AND are 35% shorter!


Case Study: Presentation Skills 

Does the thought of standing in front of people and speaking make you nervous? If so, you are not alone. Statistically, public speaking is our greatest fear. Yet, the best leaders possess the ability to inspire groups of people to action. When the sales and management team at Humana wanted to raise the bar regarding their presentation skills, they turned to Doug Van Dyke. He conducted a presentation skills program that delivered 5 Keys to Making Successful Presentations; 13 presentation techniques; the six structures of presentations, and follow up steps to your presentation.

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