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Leading a Hybrid Workforce


The workplace has changed. Savvy leaders and organizations are upskilling and reskilling to be agile and stay ahead of their competition. Stay at the top of your game by enhancing your ability to effectively lead a hybrid workforce.

What you will achieve

Participants will learn the nuances of leading hybrid teams; enhance their leadership skills; expand hybrid communication techniques; elevate their ability to help hybrid and virtual team members stay engaged; and have some fun in the process.

Who should attend?

  • Corporate & nonprofit executives seeking to maximize results
  • Seasoned professionals looking to raise the bar of excellence
  • Young professionals desiring to grow their talent and skills
  • New leaders ready to develop advanced productivity skills
  • Entrepreneurs looking for a competitive advantage

What you’ll learn:

  • How to best communicate in a hybrid work world
  • How to map expectations in a manner that enhances collaboration
  • How to conduct effective in-person, virtual & hybrid meetings
  • How to enhance and maintain your organization’s culture in a hybrid world
  • How to lead five generations in the hybrid workplace
  • How to align priorities that maximize execution
  • How to plan actions and best manage your hybrid leadership time
  • How to practice and implement everything you learn

Event Delivered via ZOOM!

This virtual experience allows ANYONE to participate in a one-day leadership intensive.

Testimonials about Leading a Hybrid Workforce

“I highly recommend Leadership Simplified’s ‘Leading a Hybrid Workforce’ program. During the last five years Beam Software has worked directly with Doug Van Dyke, and to this day I attend a monthly leadership group meeting with Doug.

Beam Software has utilized Leadership Simplified’ s high quality training for all its managers and will continue to do so as the need arises. The workforce has changed since 2020 and leaders need to change their leadership style to include how to lead remote and hybrid employees.”

     David Spahn
     CFO / COO
     Beam Software

“This presentation was both insightful and timely. Productive cultures can evolve without a specific location. Doug provides a framework to make this happen and strategies to enhance communication, meet the different needs of a multigenerational workforce, and KPIs to measure success. I appreciated the review of different Project Management and CRM platforms that can contribute to the success of hybrid teams.”

     Pauline Mailey
     Executive Vice President / Chief Nursing Officer
     Tidewell Hospice

“I am proud to have called Doug Van Dyke my executive coach and friend for the past 8 years. Over those years, I’ve taken classes and coaching with Leadership Simplified in person and virtually. Just like most professionals, I was greatly impacted by the pandemic and the switch to work from home, as well as hybrid work. Doug’s first-hand knowledge and experience - switching his own business to a virtual/hybrid model and working with so many clients who have done the same - allow him to analyze and coach with great skill and timely topics. How we lead our teams virtually without disrupting the all-important cultural component is critical, and Leadership Simplified does a fantastic job of laying out tools and resources in an easy-to-understand format that benefits all leaders.”

     Corey Lilburn
     Managing Partner
     Alltrust Employee Benefits


Leading a Hybrid Workforce is a high-energy program delivered via Zoom, and filled with immediately implementable tools, techniques, and concepts. The program will resonate with experienced, new and aspiring leaders who seek ethical actions and measurable performance outcomes!

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