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For leaders to remain relevant in a fast changing, uncertain and globally charged environment they need to continually improve. Leadership Simplified’s Virtual Coaching Programs™ engage leaders in a results-oriented process that is custom tailored to each participant. Our CEO and Executive Coach, Doug Van Dyke has coached hundreds of professionals around the world. Doug engages leaders in robust professional conversations using Zoom, teleconferences, or the technology of your choosing. If you are ready to take your leadership to a new level, now is your opportunity. Your professional learning and development can be accelerated during this unique time. The following are some of the improvements experienced by our Virtual Coaching Program™ clients.


Our coaching calendar is always up to date with convenient availability and you can schedule directly using the links below. If you prefer to schedule directly with Doug Van Dyke, please email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or call 941-776-1121. 




“Doug Van Dyke’s executive coaching and advisory talents are transformational! For years, Doug has delivered a mix of tele-coaching and in-person Executive Coaching to me and my executive colleagues. Exceptional results. Every executive and business will receive a handsome return on their investment with Doug.”

Jonathan Fleece
President & CEO
Stratum Health System and Tidewell Hospice
Sarasota, FL


“Over the last 20 years, I have had the distinct opportunity to work with Doug.  We have retained his services over that entire time frame as our company grew and opportunities presented themselves to us.   Specifically, Doug has been instrumental in helping our completely virtual company maintain productivity and a positive work environment.  He has helped us make painful decisions regarding staff that weren't exactly right for working at home.  He has guided us in creating processes and communication templates (Day Plans are Awesome) that allow staff flexibility while emphasizing performance.  I would not hesitate to recommend Doug for anyone considering coaching services on a remote basis.  Despite our being nearly 1,500 miles apart, I still regularly rely upon his expertise.” 

Ken Schmidt
Founder & CEO
Steel In The Air
Syracuse, NY


“I highly recommend Doug for his exceptional business advice and marketing recommendations! In my first Executive Coaching session, Doug was able to clearly understand the challenges I face in my Construction Management business and provide outstanding advice for our company sales and marketing efforts. Thanks to his expert guidance, we have successfully re-branded our marketing program and have already seen good results. Doug's business acumen and interpersonal skills are remarkable and I look forward to getting professional advice from him in the months and years ahead.”

Scott Flynn, P.E.
Engineering & Construction Services
Fort Myers, FL


“I have been working with Doug for several years and am looking forward to many more. The most remarkable aspect of working with Doug is the time that he takes to understand the non-verbal nuances of the anecdotal experiences I share with him. Even though he and I are engaging in distance coaching! Doug is highly gifted with emotional intelligence which allows him to meet me where I am at - consistently and reliably.

The second most remarkable aspect of working with Doug is the content that he shares with me. His guidance is based in research and evidence-based which makes it easy to digest and quite credible, especially as I imagine that most folks seeking Doug's counsel are - like me - quite data-driven and analytical.

The final thing I will say about working with Doug is the rounded and grounded nature of his homework assignments. I give Doug some rope and space to make suggestions, and I'm glad that I do! Doug subtly and effectively makes suggestions that help me to be a more well-rounded executive. Coupled with the accountability that his approach creates; this is a framework for success that I am delighted to be a part of and eager to continue to explore.

In summary - do it - it's a no-regret move.”

Mike Davis
Passionate Entrepreneur
Life-Long Learner
Subject of a recent Forbes Magazine Interview
Manhattan, NY


“I hired Doug thinking he would help me a bit with my sales process. After one session I was sold on him! He is such a nice guy but isn't afraid to challenge his clients to become more. He helped me to dream bigger and see the next stage of my business before I could. Doug has guided me with clear steps and his unbridled optimism through the next steps of growing my single-person operation into the next stages of partner affiliation. I highly recommend working with him to help you become more on a few different levels.”

Gracy Obuchowicz
Owner, Beautiful Life Self Care
Washington, DC


“Doug has been my executive coach for 7 years. We started our relationship with a few in-person conversations but quickly moved to remote coaching sessions so that we could meet more frequently; he is over 1K miles away from where I live and work. Doug has stayed with me through several transitions of company and role. In each situation, he has been able to provide insight, clarity, and actionable next steps. I rely on this perspective to bring clarity and focus to my thoughts and ensure that I am providing as much value to the companies as possible. Outside of his professional acumen, Doug is just a warm and caring human being.”

Rhushabh Mehta
Leadership Guru at White Ops
New York, NY


“I have a very small circle of people in my brain trust. Doug is one of this small group. He has changed my thinking; he is a great sounding board if you like one that has wisdom and insight. I highly recommend that anyone become a client of Doug's, particularly CEOs, C-level executives or individuals in a major transition. Speaking as a futurist, we have entered a time when everyone has entered a major transition, so Doug can serve many. Reach out to him as we have entered the most disruptive decade in history I obviously think highly of Doug, and you will as well. I could not recommend anyone more highly than Doug.” 

David Houle
Futurist & Co-Founder of The Sarasota Institute - A 21st Century Think Tank
Chicago, IL


About Doug Van Dyke, MBA, CSP™


Doug Van Dyke provides Virtual Executive Coaching, Virtual Training, and Virtual Team Building. He has coached hundreds of leaders and delivered thousands of leadership development programs. He has appeared on numerous television and radio business programs, including CBS Morning and most recently ABC Nightly News. Doug’s repeat clients include: American Express, Johnson & Johnson, Amazon, Lockheed Martin, Allstate, PepsiCo, Stratum Health System, Florida Public Utilities, Nielsen Media Research, Sysco Foods, , Union Pacific Railroad, Manatee County Government, Bealls Department Stores, CVS, Sun Hydraulics, CareerSource Suncoast, Pierce Manufacturing, TECO Energy, the University of South Florida, Melting Pot Restaurants, and hundreds of small and medium-sized businesses.  



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