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If leaders are to remain relevant in a fast changing, globally-charged business environment they need to continually improve. Leadership Simplified’s Executive Coaching programs engage leaders in a results-oriented process that is custom tailored to each participant. We provide inspired leaders with a straight-forward process that, when embraced, elevates the leader’s effectiveness and heightens their team’s productivity. Listed below is a cross-section of topics on which we coach, as well as the percentage of improvement realized by our clients as a result of our programs.

Coaching Topic % Improvement
Verbal Communication 31.9
Paraphrasing 28.1
Body Language 23.8
Managing Email 23.1
Writing Skills 28.6
Conflict Management   22.8
Delegation 20
Priority Management 25
Running Meetings 27.1
Using Different Leadership Styles 24.4
Emotional Intelligence 23.8
Driving Change 27.5
Speaking Publicly 23.1
Time Management 18.8
Cost/Benefit Analysis 25
Coaching & Developing Others 30
Behavioral-Based Interviewing 17.5
Structuring the Organization 30
Leading Virtual Teams 27.5
Employee Engagement 25.6
Problem-Solving/Critical Thinking 23.3


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What is Executive Coaching?

Over the past 25 years, Doug Van Dyke has coached hundreds of professionals in a wide-range of industries, with topics ranging from communication to leadership to sales to entrepreneurship. Despite the diversity of Doug’s client base, there are a handful of qualities that are always present with the people he coaches. So the question becomes: In order to receive a significant return on the executive coaching experience, what traits should a professional possess? The Answer:

  • They are voracious learners
  • They love to grow their skills and abilities
  • They desire to apply new concepts and skills that they learn in order to benefit their performance and/or the performance of others  
  • They are open to the interaction involved in the coaching process  
  • They enjoy smiling while they learn!    

Perhaps you are seeking to sharpen your skills, or maybe someone on your team needs to upgrade their performance – fast. Contact Doug Van Dyke today for a free consultation on how you or your team leaders can acquire the tools and techniques necessary to thrive, and blister the competition.  


“Doug Van Dyke’s executive coaching and advisory talents are transformational! For years, Doug has delivered a mix of tele-coaching and in-person Executive Coaching to me and my executive colleagues. Exceptional results. Every executive and business will receive a handsome return on their investment with Doug.”

Jonathan Fleece
President & CEO
Stratum Health System and Tidewell Hospice
Sarasota. Florida


Over the last 20 years, I have had the distinct opportunity to work with Doug.  We have retained his services over that entire time frame as our company grew and opportunities presented themselves to us.   Specifically, Doug has been instrumental in helping our completely virtual company maintain productivity and a positive work environment.  He has helped us make painful decisions regarding staff that weren't exactly right for working at home.  He has guided us in creating processes and communication templates (Day Plans are Awesome) that allow staff flexibility while emphasizing performance.  I would not hesitate to recommend Doug for anyone considering coaching services on a remote basis.  Despite our being nearly 1,500 miles apart, I still regularly rely upon his expertise

Ken Schmidt
Founder & CEO
Steel In The Air
Syracuse, NY


I have been working with Doug for several years and am looking forward to many more. The most remarkable aspect of working with Doug is the time that he takes to understand the non-verbal nuances of the anecdotal experiences I share with him. Even though he and I are engaging in distance coaching! Doug is highly gifted with emotional intelligence which allows him to meet me where I am at - consistently and reliably.

The second most remarkable aspect of working with Doug is the content that he shares with me. His guidance is based in research and evidence-based which makes it easy to digest and quite credible, especially as I imagine that most folks seeking Doug's counsel are - like me - quite data-driven and analytical.

The final thing I will say about working with Doug is the rounded and grounded nature of his homework assignments. I give Doug some rope and space to make suggestions, and I'm glad that I do! Doug subtly and effectively makes suggestions that help me to be a more well-rounded executive. Coupled with the accountability that his approach creates; this is a framework for success that I am delighted to be a part of and eager to continue to explore.

In summary - do it - it's a no-regret move.”

Mike Davis
Passionate Entrepreneur
Subject of a recent Forbes Magazine Interview
Manhattan, NY 


“I hired Doug thinking he would help me a bit with my sales process. After one session I was sold on him! He is such a nice guy but isn't afraid to challenge his clients to become more. He helped me to dream bigger and see the next stage of my business before I could. Doug has guided me with clear steps and his unbridled optimism through the next steps of growing my single-person operation into the next stages of partner affiliation. I highly recommend working with him to help you become more on a few different levels.”

Gracy Obuchowicz
Owner, Beautiful Life Self Care
Washington, DC


“Doug has been my executive coach for 7 years. We started our relationship with a few in-person conversations but quickly moved to remote coaching sessions so that we could meet more frequently; he is over 1K miles away from where I live and work. Doug has stayed with me through several transitions of company and role. In each situation, he has been able to provide insight, clarity, and actionable next steps. I rely on this perspective to bring clarity and focus to my thoughts and ensure that I am providing as much value to the companies as possible. Outside of his professional acumen, Doug is just a warm and caring human being.”

Rhushabh Mehta
Leadership Guru at White Ops
New York, NY


Here are some of our most requested management coaching topics:


Time Management

Case Study: Sysco Foods

 Sysco Foods was looking to help their leaders improve efficiency, increase productivity, and to get better organized. In a nutshell, they were seeking a management coaching program that would give their leaders, at a variety of levels, fresh time management tools and concepts that would somehow manufacture time for their people. Importantly, they were looking for a concise program whose deliverables would stick!

Sysco’s Vice President of HR contacted Doug Van Dyke regarding his Building a Powerful Day program. Over the course of a few hours, Doug worked with Sysco’s leaders to improve their ability to manage time. In addition, the leaders were coached in such a manner that they could easily present the tools and techniques they learned to others in the organization. One of their managers summed up his experience this way:

“Excellent – great information that I can put to use right away. Doug is energetic and fun, plus he has an uncanny ability to transfer knowledge.”

John Tessier
Sysco Foods of West Central Florida

Do not procrastinate, contact Doug Van Dyke today to learn how to manufacture time in your workplace.    



Case Study: Nielsen Media Research

 When executives at Nielsen Media Research were looking to raise the bar of excellence, they contacted Doug Van Dyke. Their issue? Their business was changing rapidly and they needed to communicate effectively across departmental lines, as well as geographic boundaries. Doug structured a series of management coaching sessions that helped their leaders communicate powerfully, succinctly, and with more stickability. One of their leaders put it this way:

The management coaching sessions you crafted were tailored to the characteristics of the mentored individual. The results have been outstanding.”

Demetrios Yannakopoulos
Director, IT
Nielsen Media Research
Oldsmar. Florida

Call Doug Van Dyke today at 941-776-1121 to learn how your people can communicate smarter.      


Sales Management

Case Study: Humana

 Humana was facing a competitive landscape that was fierce. Their leaders were looking for ideas to propel sales upwards. They were also looking for targeted coaching for their sales force. John Prue, one of Humana’s Sales Directors, contacted Doug Van Dyke to look for solutions. Doug not only worked with the sales representatives and the leadership team, but he conducted several workplace teambuilding events that helped their entire team come closer together. One of Humana’s sales reps explained his results this way:        

I have worked with Doug Van Dyke over the past couple years. His techniques and coaching have made me a more confident and successful sales consultant. In 2009, I was awarded the top sales consultant in my company!

David Brown
Sales Representative
Kansas City, KS

Contact Doug Van Dyke and learn how increase your sales and profits – fast! 


Workplace Collaboration

Case Study: Landmark

 Landmark Engineering & Surveying had two leaders whose success was dependent upon successful collaboration with each other. Each leader was bright, capable, experienced, and well liked by their teams. The problem? Their business relationship was acceptable, but not optimal. In order to solve their collaboration issue, Landmark called Doug Van Dyke regarding executive leadership coaching. Doug was the facilitator as they engaged in his working agreement process. The result? An abundance of deliverables:

  • Two leaders who collaborated more effectively – beginning the day after the working agreement process began!
  • Less tension in the office
  • Increased productivity, which translated to higher sales and richer profits

The president of the company shared the following comment with us:

“Doug is a fantastic executive coach and works well with people at all levels of an organization. We have used his service for individual management coaching, teambuilding and business operation ideas. He is enthusiastic and truly cares that his help is appropriate for the situation. I have used other coaches and Doug is clearly the best of the lot. As a past TEC member I know I receive greater value from Doug while expending less time.

David Hurley
Landmark Engineering & Surveying
Tampa, FL

 Connect with Doug Van Dyke today for a free consultation on how your team can collaborate better and increase performance!



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