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Doug Van Dyke spent over 14 years in the corporate world. He enjoyed it. He had opportunities to start new market areas, work with a variety of businesses (both large and small), and to lead people. Doug always thought of his work-team as, well, his work-team. You know, just like an entrepreneur thinks about their business. Doug’s father had owned his own business when Doug was growing up. So Doug was filled with entrepreneurial spirit. Thus it was no surprise when, in 1997, Doug started his own company – originally named DVD Consulting.

The initial focus of DVD Consulting was to serve small and medium-sized businesses. Doug believed this market was underserved consultatively. Within four months of commencing operations, DVD Consulting was self-sustaining. As the business grew, larger companies contacted Doug in order for him to work with units of their organization. Simultaneously, Doug began calling on organizations with whom he thought it would be interesting to work. Doug began writing articles, blogs, and a book. Published in late 2008, the success of Leadership Simplified, led to remarketing efforts and a company name change. Our logo still contains the heritage of DVD Consulting which resides at the core of our culture.

Doug Van Dyke has had the privilege of working with for profit and not-for-profit concerns of all types and sizes. Along the way, he has met some of the most outstanding leaders and professionals he knows.

What does the future hold? The answer: lots of excitement, innovation, and smart work. Doug is convinced he has the best job on the planet. No one close to him disagrees.

It is an honor to be of service. Thank you for visiting us!

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