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Doug Van Dyke is an experienced facilitator who is at his best in front of a group of people. His comfort level with a live audience was shown recently when he appeared on a live New York based business program. The show had a Nielsen-rated viewing audience of 256,000. After his performance, Doug was invited back for a repeat visit. 


Over the past 13 years Doug Van Dyke has facilitated sessions that have enabled groups of professionals to communicate more effectively, lead with passion, embrace change, increase the profitability of their organizations, and smile as they choose to have more fun at the game of work. He has been the facilitator for sessions with Lockheed Martin, Humana, Sysco Foods, Bealls Department Stores, the University of South Florida, and hundreds of small and medium-sized businesses. 


Doug has been the facilitator for meetings as brief as one-hour and for multi-venue events that have taken place over several days. Some of the types of facilitations that Doug has led include:


  • Strategy Meeting & Management Retreat – Strategy meetings help managers identify major changes in the market place and serve as a powerful forum for discussion on how to react to those changes. Sudden declines in your market or soaring demand for your product require your company to move in a new direction. The experienced facilitator services of Doug Van Dyke has helped the insurance company Humana (read testimonial) change its views of the current economic climate, from bleak to opportunistic, by facilitating strategic meetings that placed undervalued services on the front line of their personal health services portfolio.


A strategy meeting guided by a qualified outside facilitator will have managers and employees developing the new ideas essential to meeting the demands of your customers. Utilizing a facilitator for these events allows the leader(s) to participate in the outcomes, rather than be viewed as dictating direction. The facilitation process is a powerful method to create detailed, comprehensive plans that are viewed as a team effort and thus carry more buy-in.

meeting facilitator

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  • Action Plan & Performance Goal Setting – Where is your company going? What are the primary goals of your organization? Recently, Doug Van Dyke was the facilitator for a sales action planning session for a $40 million business. Prior to the session they forwarded a list of their most pressing issues. Also, they voiced concern about changes going on in their industry. Their list of issues contained eight nicely arranged items, each followed by a brief supporting comment. As Doug scanned the list he noticed that six of the items were out of the control of the client. Items such as, the state of the economy and high fuel prices peppered their list. Contrarily, the list contained only two “real” items – things they could control. What surfaced during the action planning session were a host of opportunities that were being overlooked because the client’s team members were so stressed-out about a bunch of things they could not influence. This is the value that an outside facilitator brings to the table: an objective viewpoint, coupled with a clear head and vast industry experience. In addition, Doug Van Dyke will help your leadership team master methods to effectively communicate company goals and strategies to the broader organization.

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  • Workplace Team Building – Sustained positive outcomes regarding team building sessions is a rewarding experience. Did you notice the word sustained? Too many organizations settle for team events that carry temporary “feel good” results. Doug Van Dyke worked with a unit of Assurant Employee Benefits that was struggling. Doug conducted a workplace team building session and coached their leadership team. The result? Within twelve months the team was functioning well and was a profitable unit. They were so please they invited Doug back to conduct additional workplace team building and leadership coaching. The additional results? The next year they were nominated for a national award. The year after they won it!  

Take a look at the 3-minute demo-video that shows Doug Van Dyke working with a team. Client testimonials regarding their experience are also contained on the video.


  • Sales Meetings – Whether you are looking to grow the skills of your team members, strategically plan sales goals, or brainstorm on strategy and actions, Doug Van Dyke is your skilled facilitator. He has helped teams across the country, in multiple industries, with their sales meetings and, has helped to deliver improved sales results in the process. read case study HERE.    


  • Conflict Resolution – When individuals, teams, and organizations eliminate hurdles, problems and issues, they are able to regain focus and enhance productivity. Doug Van Dyke was engaged to work with a team in St. Louis that faced leadership conflict and profitability issues. The team was in complete disarray – unable to focus on anything positive and productive. Doug met with every team member and crafted a conflict resolution session that dealt specifically with the issues and conflicts they faced. In the beginning, the session was tension filled. During the course of the day, however, breakthroughs occurred, which led to more breakthroughs. Doug then armed team members with tools and techniques that could be immediately implemented in order to reduce differences and focus on productivity. The result? A group of people who became a team. A work unit that was profitable within months, and blew out their sales goal the following year!

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  • Vision & Mission Statement– Yogi Berra once said, “If you don’t know where you are going, you will wind up someplace else.” As a facilitator, Doug Van Dyke helps leaders and organizations find a compass for their future, and shares tools and techniques to communicate their vision to others. Doug used a collaborative, team approach to assist the Brandon (Florida) Chamber of Commerce update the mission and vision. In the process, Doug assisted in building an atmosphere with Chamber staff and members that created buy-in and a sense of team.

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