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New Leader Integration

Gone are the days when new leaders could take their time to slowly build rapport and working relationships with their team. With business moving at a breakneck pace, new leaders need tools and techniques that will help them connect with their teammates quickly. Frequently new leaders encounter roadblocks that derail their plans and intentions. Whether the new leadership position happened via promotion, reorganization, or joining the organization, a leader must build rapport and communicate their vision promptly. Our new leader integration services assist new leaders in acclimating to their team, enhancing their work environment, and adding to the bottom line in a hurry.  

Case Study

Issue: Newly Promoted Leader 

Overview: David was a new market president who inherited a region ripe with potential, but stricken with below average past results. He was excited about the opportunity to make a positive impact on his team. He was also concerned about the lack of teamwork and morale he initially witnessed. His charge was to turn the region into a sales powerhouse. David believed that some type of collaborative process would be the perfect method to get his team communicating better and working together.        

Process: David engaged Doug Van Dyke of Leadership Simplified for executive coaching. He was interested in learning about working agreements – a collaboration tool. Doug coached David on how to implement the working agreement process, which leads to effective workplace communication and stronger teams in the workplace. David used his teambuilding leadership style to educate his team members on the benefits of working agreements. As his team bought into the concept, David met with key individuals to share his expectations of them. Ultimately, David created a working agreement with each key team member, as well as with important support units associated with his team.

Result: David did a great job of driving change that led to more effective collaboration and open communication. By the end of his first week as market president, David and his team had created and signed working agreements: a roadmap on how they would work together. By the end of his first month in the new job, the team began to gel and was clearly focused on actions that would deliver standout results. Within an 18-month period David, along with a fantastic performance from his team, transformed the market area from a cellar-dweller to the #1 market area in the nation for the company! A spot they retained the next year, as well as producing the number one group sales person in the country. 

Testimonial: I found the program to be both enlightening to me personally, as well as my group.

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