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Debt Ceiling Crisis Shows Serious Lack of Leadership

By Doug Van Dyke, Leadership Simplified

Let me be clear from the beginning, this blog post is not intended to be a political statement. It is my opinion that the Republicans and the Democrats have shown equally poor leadership, as well as a disinterest in collaboration with regard to the debt ceiling issue.


First of all, let’s take a look at the President’s role. It is his job to, well, lead. The debt ceiling issue has snuck up on no one, thus he has had many months to craft a strategy, communicate it to the public, gain their buy-in, and drive a course of action. Notice that I did not say “correct course of action.” Any course of action would have sufficed, as long as a debacle was avoided. But a debacle will not be avoided. What has occurred is a lack of leadership: no early-on communication, no vision for people to embrace, no rallying of both parties. Nothing. Apparently, other domestic and non-domestic issues have taken precedence for the President, as opposed to averting a National, financial catastrophe.


If we shift our vision to the Republican side of things we also see a void of leadership. When a leader is faced with a crisis, compromise should rule the day. Even now, at the eleventh hour, Republican “leaders” are not showing a willingness to compromise. Unbelievable.


The debt ceiling showdown is disgraceful. And the dearth of politicians willing to fall on their political sword for the good of their country is disappointing. What looms for the United States, almost assuredly, is a downgrading of our revered AAA debt-rating. This, at a time when we have $14 trillion of debt to repay. The United States will have to pay more for future debt, as the cost will increase via higher interest rates. This will place great financial strain on an already anemic economic recovery.


A polarized landscape is dangerous ground. A void of leadership amid a widening abyss is even more dangerous. If you need proof of the danger, simply watch the financial fallout that will occur – even after a last-minute debt ceiling escalation is ratified and implemented.   


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Posted by Doug Van Dyke on 2011-07-28 at 07:18 AM
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