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SBA Loans

Over the years, Doug Van Dyke has written a multitude of business plans geared to accompany an SBA loan application. The approach that Doug uses is consultative, and the business plan and projections that he creates are in a format that the SBA requires. Doug also maintains strong relationships with excellent, ethical SBA lenders. He freely shares his list of contacts with clients while preparing their SBA business plan. One of the SBA lenders described Doug and his services as follows:

As the former head of small business administration lending for a $32 billion regional bank, I strongly recommend Doug Van Dyke. Having reviewed thousands of business plans, I feel qualified to speak on behalf of individuals who would be looking at your business plan as a decision-maker with whom you must communicate. To do this, you need an effective executive summary.

I have always been pleased to recommend Doug Van Dyke because of the clarity and custom crafting he provides for business plans. It may seem an arrogant statement to say, but all you have is five minutes. By that, I am saying that is all the time my staff and I could afford to take an initial look at your plan. If it is not structured to effectively communicate the issues that I will be looking for, the rest of the plan will never be read.

Beyond the executive summary I have always found Leadership Simplified presentations to be well organized to create a proper presentation of business information that will communicate to "me", your audience. It takes knowledge and skill to properly present an effective business plan. That knowledge and skill is different from successfully operating a business enterprise and is something that Doug Van Dyke understands & executes.

I would liken an effective business plan to the utilization of a ghostwriter for autobiographies. You may have had one of the most fascinating lives that tells a story everyone would want to hear, but no one ever will because you are not a skilled author. I have personally recommended Doug Van Dyke to my customers because I have confidence in his professionalism and ability to assist my clients. I still do.”

Doug Teten
Senior Analyst
GCF Valuation
Member IBA (International Business Appraisers)
Tampa, Florida

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Start Ups

Mike Merino had a vision, and a dream. He wanted to open an Italian restaurant in his neighborhood. While he was excited about the venture, his head was swimming with details – he was overwhelmed. Mike needed help that would provide focus, direction, and a plan of action. In order to develop the kind of business plan that would put him on the road to success, Mike Merino contacted Doug Van Dyke for assistance. Doug used a consultative approach to gain key information (facts that Mike himself did not realize he needed to know), as well as to inform and coach. The result? A vision realized that was quickly voted “one of the tastiest alternatives on the restaurant scene,” by a local newspaper. Mike Merino summed up his experience this way.

Starting a new restaurant or any business involves many critical factors and one of the most important is a solid business plan. Doug Van Dyke not only made the process enjoyable, his skill and professionalism far exceeded my expectations. Many thanks to Doug for creating a plan that is comprehensive, intelligent and most of all, honest! I will certainly use your services again in the near future.”

Michael L. Merino
Merinos Italian Restaurants Inc.
Tampa, Florida

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CDC Organizations

When the University Area Community Development Corporation was looking to expand their program offerings, they turned to Doug Van Dyke for strategic help. He crafted a comprehensive CDC business plan that clearly explained the concept, as well as a roadmap to implementation. In addition, the detailed financial projections he created provided a pragmatic financial model that also served as a budget. Here is how they summed up their experience.

Doug is an exceptional, thoughtful leader with a commitment and passion for fostering leadership, quality, and high performance business practices. I have worked with Doug on many successful projects over the years and have been entirely pleased with his results and performance. His positive outlook and insights are always refreshing, and I highly recommend Doug and his company for their outstanding work.”

Suzanne Eastridge Rackl
Director of Grants & Programs
University Area Community Development Corporation
Tampa, Florida

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Growth Plans & Marketing Plans – Blueprint for the Future

The Melting Pot Restaurants were poised for growth. They had ten restaurants, a regional geographic footprint, and a solid management team. They were looking to expand and needed a roadmap to help guide their way. They asked Doug Van Dyke to take them through the process of building a growth plan and a marketing plan. The result of the process was a document that served as a blueprint for the company’s future. And what an exciting future it has been. Today, the Melting Pot has a national scope and more than 135 restaurants. Hats off to their leadership team on tremendous implementation and execution!

Doug Van Dyke wrote our Marketing Plan, and our Growth Plan. He did a great job and the process was enjoyable. The best part was the clear path that was created. All we had to do was execute. I strongly endorse Doug’s work!”

Robert T. Johnston
The Melting Pot Restaurants, Inc.
Tampa, Florida

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