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Bridging Geographical Separation

Many leaders and teams are separated geographically. This presents more than just logistical challenges. Without face-to-face conversation or even the benefit of hallway chit-chat, teams separated by distance find it difficult to effectively collaborate. Our collaboration services can bridge divides that your team may be facing – whether from distance or circumstance. We will provide tools to leaders, as well as the members of their team that will enable them to communicate better and to produce results despite the workplace hurdles they face.

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Case Study

Problem: Geographical separation causes mistakes and misunderstandings   

Overview: Steven worked for a large defense contractor that was a matrix organization. The company’s headquarters and manufacturing facility were located in the South. The engineering and human resources sides of the business were located in the Midwest. Steven was frustrated because the geographical separation of the work units was causing minimal communication, and obliterating the opportunity for hallway small talk and socialization that often enhances working relationships. This resulted in a low level of rapport between engineering and manufacturing. Also, morale in both areas was well below average. Steven was concerned that due to poor collaboration, work was not optimally coordinated and executed. This led to the potential of lower quality, which was unacceptable. Steven knew that logistics prevented him from consolidating all of the operations into one location. Yet, he thirsted for a bridge that would enable the two units to collaborate better and ensure top-level quality. Steven had heard about Doug Van Dyke of Leadership Simplified through some of his strategic allies. Two of them had engaged Doug to implement his collaboration process called working agreements when their teams needed to manage conflict and were experiencing “us vs. them.” Steven contacted Doug to learn more about his collaboration solutions.   

Process: After a detailed conversation with the client, Doug met with leaders from the Midwest and the South units. Doug gathered information from each group and fully explained the working agreement process. After each group expressed an interest in having a better working relationship, Doug facilitated a process that enabled them to craft a working agreement.  

Result: Within one week of the start of the working agreement process, Steven observed an increase in the amount of communication between the Midwest and South units. They were more purposeful about reaching out to each other, and as a result morale improved. Within two months, measurable error rates were minimized, and essentially the same group of people that had been floundering, were suddenly flourishing. Within two years of the working agreement intervention the Southern manufacturing unit was recognized as the number one manufacturer in the United States! 

So how did two units that were separated geographically learn to work together seamlessly? They embraced a construct that increased their ability to collaborate, communicate, and reduce their feelings of “us vs. them.” The leaders from both units desired to achieve. They simply needed a process that helped them join forces and catapult their performance skyward. 

Testimonial: “I thought it was a great tool to address the disconnectedness of our groups. As a result, we have made significant inroads into righting the ship.

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