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The Solution to Health Care

The main problem I see with our current health care system is the title: Health Care. What is most of the “health care” money spent on? Answer: (all together now) sickness and injuries. If you want to BEGIN to solve the health care issue, call the program what it actually is: Sickness & Injury Care (SIC). Then, create a separate segment of the program that is focused on cardiovascular exercise, stretching, real nutrition, weight control, and positive thinking (i.e., SIC prevention). Further, spend at least 10% of current “health care” expenditures to educate a bulging population about good health. A goodly portion of these funds could go a public relations campaign showcasing well-respected people working out and displaying healthy habits. 

It is imperative that the current system of health care be renamed to something akin to Sickness & Injury Care. The new name will begin to create a social stigma about using the system. You want this. You especially want this if you desire to spend less of your hard earned money helping others who have long-embraced self-destructive behavior. 

You may think I am a dreamer, but in 1978 no one buckled their seat belt. In fact, if you got in someone’s car and buckled your seat belt they would look at you and say: “What, you don’t trust my driving?” As a result of this poor behavior, traffic fatalities that could have easily been prevented by seat belts were at an all-time high. Then, a massive public relations campaign was started. In my state, we had bill boards showing the hands of Mickey Mouse clicking a seat belt. “Buckle Up Florida,” it was called. And we did (we always take Mickey’s lead). Fast-forward to today: almost all of us use seat belts. It is second nature. And people who do not buckle up are seen as foolish and self-destructive. As such, never doubt that poor health behavior cannot be stemmed. We have the power if we unite.  

Bottom Line: Focus on the positive side of the health care issue: prevention. Call prevention Health Care. Simultaneously, create a psychological disincentive to overuse a sickness and injury program. Refer to what is currently called Health Care as Sickness and Injury Care

Posted by Doug Van Dyke on 2009-07-07 at 06:41 AM
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