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The Magic Touch for the Dodgers

Last month an investment group headed up by basketball hall-of-famer Magic Johnson purchased the Los Angeles Dodgers. At auction no less. What lies ahead for the Dodgers is a myriad of changes, not least of which will be reorganization and team building. The past few years the Dodgers have played like a bunch of talented individuals, with no team synergy holding them together. Most assuredly, the Dodgers will need to create/expand their sense-of-team on the field. In addition, they will have to ensure the proper alignment of their front office team. This will call for the development of a cohesive vision, a solid action plan, and a consistent quality-oriented mindset.


My advice to the Dodgers is to embrace a strategy of change that includes team member involvement and lots of meaningful communication. Next, they should consider proper workplace alignment, which includes aligning talent with team potential. Finally, they should delve into copious amounts team building that will assist them in coming together as a unit.


Can the Dodgers pull off the kind of excellence that will be needed to deliver on-field and off-field success? You betcha, they have all the tools and resources they need in order to be successful. With a proper plan of action and solid execution, they can turn their world around. Do they have options if they fail? Of course, they can always move back to the open-arms of Brooklyn.  


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Posted by Doug Van Dyke on 2012-04-30 at 08:00 AM
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