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Is it me or is the world getting more and more complicated? Faster pace? You betcha – in just about every aspect of our lives. So I would like to suggest a new mantra for all of us: “Simplify the Complicated.” That’s right, seek to simplify those seemingly complicated items in your life. It is easier than you think. Let’s examine the odd example of someone who desires to speak as though they were an expert on that wonderful flightless bird, the ostrich. Just work with me people. Yes, the ostrich. Now, you may be thinking, “Okay, for me to be an expert on ostriches I will need to do research – that will take time. I will also need to practice what I will say – that will take time as well.” How about if I simplify the complicated for you? Here is how: to speak as though you are an expert on ostriches, simply remember the number “40.” That’s right. Answer these questions please:

  1. How fast can an ostrich run?
  2. How long can an ostrich live?
  3. How long does a female ostrich sit on her egg before it hatches?


Feel more like an expert on ostriches? See how simple (and fast) it was. Trust me, we all have many opportunities to simply various pools of information, tasks, duties, obligations, etc in our work and personal life. The easiest way to simplify your life is to simply use your noodle. Think creatively. Think strategically. And in the process: simplify the complicated.       

Posted by Doug Van Dyke on 2010-03-24 at 06:31 AM
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