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Last week I attended a piano recital showcasing children ranging in age from six to twelve. On the surface my destined activity does not seem to call out as a compelling evening. Oh contraire. During a fast-paced 45-minute program, the performance of 15 youths riveted the audience and held us spellbound. The program culminated with a 12 year olds performance of a complicated arrangement from the movie The Piano. The beauty and passion that she poured into the piece left many audience members in tears – it was a tingly moment. This is supposed to be a piece on leadership, so why do I wax poetic about a piano recital? At which my six and eight year old sons were amazing, by the way. The answer: I want to highlight that the future is in good hands. In addition, I want to drive home the point that leadership does not begin when someone is appointed a manager or team lead or starts a business sometime in their mid-twenties or thirties. Leadership starts young! Returning to the recital for instance, prior to playing, each participant stood in front of roughly 50 adults and announced their name and their selection of music. Without exception, each youth exhibited poise and fine public speaking skills. Then, they executed beautifully – under a fair amount of pressure. Do I worry about the future? Naw, I'd rather listen to a little Beethoven.

Posted by Doug Van Dyke on 2009-05-25 at 09:28 AM
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