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Workplace Team Building

Productive and fun, workplace team building sessions provide tools and skills to individuals in a manner that promotes team accomplishment. Typical outcomes of team building programs include enhanced communication, heightened leadership, increased sales, a better understanding of change, and more effective collaboration.


Case Study: Assurant Employee Benefits

 The facilitator for all workplace team building sessions is Doug Van Dyke. His work with Assurant Employee Benefits is one example of the outcomes from his team building initiatives. A unit of Assurant Employee Benefits was struggling. Doug was engaged to conduct a workplace team building session and coach their leadership team. The result? Within twelve months the team was functioning well and was a profitable unit. Assurant was so pleased they invited Doug back to conduct more workplace team building and leadership coaching. The additional results? The next year they were nominated for a national award. The year after they won it! Here is what one of the sales managers had to say:

"Thank you for all of your work with our team. The initiative was a complete success. Your unique team building activities and the individual coaching sessions made a tremendous difference in our team. You helped create a positive and productive work environment. The individual coaching sessions were especially meaningful. You not only helped in my management development, but you helped make me a better person. Please feel free to use my name as a reference. I would be happy to speak with anyone regarding the quality of the work that you do."

Lance E. Kappelman

Sales Manager


St. Louis, Missouri

Team Building with Doug

View the 3-minute demo-video that shows Doug Van Dyke working with a team. Client testimonials regarding their experience are also contained on the video.

Contact Doug for a free phone consultation on how to make your team communicate and collaborate better, embrace change, and increase sales.

team building for the workplace

team building for the workplace



"Excellent Leadership Retreat - The team was energized by the content, various team building exercises, and your warmth and expertise!"

Dr. Christine Cauffield

Chief Executive Officer

LSF Health Systems, Inc.

Jacksonville, FL


"Doug has been working with us to improve communications within the Finance department since the summer of 2011. I have personally worked with him for the past three months to develop my own management skills. Both Doug's group presentations and one-on-one coaching sessions have produced remarkable results in opening up the lines of communication within my department, and have challenged me to grow as a manager more quickly than I thought possible. I look forward to working with him in the future." 

Stephen Hensley

Manager - A/R Operations


Tampa, FL


"I want to implement these concepts and I plan on beginning now. Thank you Doug, your professionalism and leadership are incredible! You make such a difference to our team and you teach me so much!"

Linda Chamberlain


Aging Wisely

Clearwater, FL


"Great experience, provided effective tools for the workplace in a positive and open environment."

Bo Gorham

Vice President

Serve Virtual Enterprises, Inc.,

An American Express Company

Saint Petersburg, FL


“I thought this was very well done and worthwhile. Good team exercises and excellent leadership tools.”

Isaac Brownman

Town of Longboat Key

Longboat Key, FL


“It was a good combination of fun and informative. Very impressed with Doug’s skills as a facilitator and presenter.”

Allen Parsons

Town of Longboat Key

Longboat Key, FL



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