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Shaping Leadership Behavior

Volume: July 2013

By Doug Van Dyke, Leadership Simplified, www.leadershipsimplified.com


Leaders impact culture! These are the words that I use to define leadership. In the process of impacting culture, leaders also adapt their own behavior. Many leaders shape their behavior by adjusting to an existing workplace culture so as to accentuate the positive team dynamics that are in place. For example, you may have inherited a team that embraces a more relaxed environment than you prefer. If that team is performing, you would be wise to let your hair down and blend in with the existing work culture.


Savvy leaders also influence the behavior of team members. This can be accomplished in two broad ways. The first is to positively reinforce the good behaviors that you observe and expect. The second is to offer targeted constructive feedback in order to drive the team member actions that you would like to see changed.


The aforementioned leadership behaviors sound so simple. In order to accentuate the behaviors of others, however, it takes initiative, focus, and patience on the leader’s part. In this regard, be intentional. In other words, stay in tune with how you are wielding your leadership. Be alert to how you are connecting your leadership tools and techniques to the situation with which you are faced. Recognize the outcomes that are consistently achieved when you use a particular leadership skill. Note: Certain leaders are better than others not because they possess more talent, but rather because they are more aware of their talents and how best to apply them.


Bottom Line: Be acutely aware of your leadership behaviors in order to hone your skills. Lead with great intention and reinforce the terrific effort put forth by your team. The results that you expect from your team will come naturally. They will stem from your behavior, as well as the culture of achievement that you nurture.



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