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Sales Simplified: THE Bootcamp for Sales Professionals
ZOOM!:  May 10, 2024

“I loved the training session, it was amazing! This program was very informative and beneficial, and showed how you can turn a negative into a positive and keep going strong. I can now take a situation and learn from the no’s better than the yesses. It has also helped me with tweaking my time management.”

Hannah Eddy
Clearwater Gas System


“Best class ever. Day flew by!”

David Boehm
CenterState Bank


“Another great Boot Camp! I always come in expecting to learn new and exciting techniques, information and ideas. The program was absolutely very engaging and informative. I always learn and take away so much to enhance my growth I have not been disappointed. Excellent!”

Denise Wilson
TECO Energy


“Informative! I liked the metric tracking and day planning guides as well as the sales techniques and even the shortened sales cycle.”

Liz Sparr
Tidewell Hospice


“I feel that the program hit on all the key sales supportive information I needed.”

Gordon Beardsley

What you will achieve

Sales Simplified takes you through a process whereby you learn to communicate smarter, break bad habits, learn good habits, and sell more as a result.

Who should attend?

Sales reps desiring to blow out their goals
Sales managers looking to raise the bar of excellence
Entrepreneurs looking for a competitive advantage
Young professionals desiring to grow skills
Corporate executives seeking to maximize results

What you’ll learn:

How to turn your strategic allies into a strategic sales force
Why gatekeepers are your friend, not the enemy
How to shorten the sales cycle
How to build rapport quicker
The difference between selling an appointment and selling your wares
Why 5 is a really cool number
Networking made easy
Goal setting & marketing action planning 
How to make every minute of every day work for you
How to best organize sales calls
How to overcome cold call jitters
The art of the question  
How to take friction out of client and prospect relationships
Why you should reconsider your proposal strategy
How to best use social networking tools and strategies
A debriefing system to assure that your skills continually improve

The cost for this event is $349 per person.  


Sales Simplified is a high-energy program filled with immediately implementable tools, techniques, and concepts. The program will resonate with new or seasoned sales professionals who seek outstanding outcomes!



“Very informative and useful. Adaptable to my current sales routine.”

     Charles "Chuck" Hart 
     TECO Energy


“It taught me new things, but more so it will make me use tools that I have, but forgot those tools were there.”

     Amy Brown 
     AD-Vance Personnel Solutions


“I had a great time! This experience has given me the tools to be more successful.”

     Carol Burns 
     Easy Living


“Quality information. Gave me a lot of ideas to implement with my team.”

     Katie Lozuke
     Neal Communities of Southwest Florida


"Enlightening. Thought provoking. Fantastic tools and techniques. I'm looking forward to implementing what I have learned and sharing them with my co-workers"

     Lisa Meskil 
     Sarasota YMCA


"Thank you again for the sales training you provided for us. It was phenomenal! I’m really ‘pumped’ to implement the bevy of techniques you shared with us. 

Also, I sincerely thank you for the laughter my associates and I experienced throughout the training! I love my job, my career in banking, and having the opportunity to work with my company, but this is a very serious business and we sometimes don’t laugh enough while we’re on our journey. The weight our Senior Leaders carry for us, our clients and the bank sometimes gets in the way of them being able to actually enjoy laughter throughout the day too. When I looked around the room and saw everyone laughing and truly enjoying you and your comments and jokes, it brought joy to my heart for all of us!!!  And we all know we learn and retain so much more when we’re having fun in the process!

You are a very Special Person and Leader. I’m looking forward to our meeting again in the upcoming weeks and learning even more from you!"

     Deb  Adams
     CenterState Bank


May 10, 2024
8:30am - 3:00pm


Virtual! Event Delivered via ZOOM!

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