Leadership Simplified: Doug Van Dyke

Florida Manufacturers’ Leadership Development Program
Phase III:  September 11, 2019

Description of Program

Between September and October, 2019 participants will engage in five leadership training sessions facilitated by Doug Van Dyke of Leadership Simplified. Each training session will take place from 11am – 1pm. The location will rotate between the various participating organizations.

There will be an assignment associated with each training session that must be completed prior to the next meeting. In addition, after each class the participants will be encouraged to write a one-page summary of the material covered. The summary will also include their takeaways and application of the material.

Upon graduation from the program, each participant will receive a Certificate of Accomplishment and an autographed copy of Leadership Simplified – The Field Guide for Savvy Leaders.

The location, date, and curriculum for each session is detailed on the following pages. Please recall that each session will take place from 11am – 1pm. Also, lunch and a tour of the manufacturing facility will be provided by each host organzaiton.


Testimonials from Past Phase III Participants

“The program was excellent. It would definitely be beneficial to our upper management as well.”

“This program (and all of the previous programs) have helped develop me as a leader. They have also helped me develop as a person. Applying the content is very helpful and beneficial in helping me lead my team.”

“Excellent program that helps anyone understand the various areas of leadership. I have recommended that EVERYONE in our organization attend these classes/courses. They will definitely help people improve their knowledge.”

“Outstanding program that continues to equip us with more leadership tools. Doug’s method of coaching keeps the group engaged while referencing back to real-world leadership situations.”

“Well planned. A lot of information to use and put into practice.”

“Very broad spectrum. Lots of great insight into different styles, approaches and situations!!!”

“Good program – it helped me see different perspectives on how to better handle situations. Also, it helped get me out of my comfort zone and use different styles of leadership.”

“Great leadership advice. Very insightful.”

“Great ‘pick me up’ from the last stage. Looking forward to the next program.”

“Very insightful. I really learned a lot about myself, as well as the different generations in my group. Can’t wait for the next class. This leadership development series has really helped me become a better leader. Thanks for everyting!”

“Refreshing and reassuring on how I can cope with today’s leadership challenges.”

“Very good. Thank you. I liked the course and especially got a lot out of the ‘Generations’ session.”

“Very well-taught. Learned a lot from the program. Opened my eyes on a lot of ways to be a better leader.”

“This Phase III in particular had me evaluating myself, leaders, and followers more than other Phases. I felt that this was the best Phase so far. As an engineer, I have gained valuable tools, methods, and strategies to both lead and follow in my career.”

“I think the program is very informative. I think the set-up makes retaining the information successful and it’s helpful to have all the information in reference sheets for continuous learning.”

“Very enlightening – love the resources and hope to put a lot of the information to use.  Companies could benefit greatly if a lot of these strategies were implemented into their structure.”

“Excellent. This program helped me to evolve my leadership skills and to be able to transform and adapt to different situations.”


Meeting Dates, Locations, Topics & Takeaways

The training sessions will last two hours (from 11am – 1pm) and take place over a two-month period. The locations will vary based on the manufacture’s that participate in the program.  


Session #1: 

Major Topics: Understanding & Leading Different Generations in the Workplace

Takeaways: During this session participants will hone the following skills:

  • How each generation is delineated
  • General descriptors pertaining to each generation
  • A roadmap for building credibility – no matter what your generation
  • Tips on how to best manage each generation
  • Actions that leaders can take to increase cross-generational engagement
  • Tools to communicate and collaborate with each generation


Session #2: 

Major Topics: Problem Solving & Negotiation Skills

Takeaways: During this session participants will hone the following skills:

  • What problem solving process to follow as challenges erupt
  • How to remain poised while others panic
  • What type of questions to ask while problem solving
  • How to be collaborative and not ignite conflict
  • How best to employ the 15 rules of negotiation
  • How to pre-empt problems in the first place!


Session #3: 

Major Topics: Leading Distance Team Members; Structure & Staffing Alignment

Takeaways: During this session participants will hone the following skills:

  • How much time to devote to distance team leadership
  • How to conduct team building with a distance team
  • How to build engagement with distance team members
  • How to lead virtual team meetings 
  • How to assess talent and gauge potential
  • How to align talent with the proper structure
  • How to position a team to reach their collective potential


Session #4: 

Major Topics:;  Strategic Planning & Building a Strategic Roadmap

Takeaways: During this session participants will hone the following skills:

  • How to assess and analyze the marketplace
  • How to determine a strategic approach (top-down or bottom-up)
  • How to differentiate between mission and vision statements
  • How to best position core values, goals, and tactics
  • How critical thinking leads to better outcomes
  • How to gain clarity regarding a meaningful business model
  • How to create a targeted, results-oriented strategic plan!


Session #5: 

Major Topics: Leading Leaders; Creating/Enabling Autonomy

Takeaways: During this session participants will learn the following:

  • The 10 keys to servant leadership
  • How to be an effective situational leader
  • The difference between transactional leadership and transformational leadership!



Investment Per Participant

Tuition includes access to 5 training sessions, a Certificate of Accomplishment, a signed copy of Leadership Simplified – The Field Guide for Savvy Leaders, and access to online materials. The minimum class size is sixteen participants. This unique, program is $500 per participant.


September 11, 2019


Central Florida

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