Leadership Simplified: Doug Van Dyke

Florida Manufacturers’ Leadership Development Program
Phase II:  September 10, 2019

Description of Program

Between  September and October of 2019, participants will engage in five leadership training sessions facilitated by Doug Van Dyke of Leadership Simplified. Each training session will take place from 11am – 1pm. The location will rotate between the various participating organizations.

There will be an assignment associated with each training session that must be completed prior to the next meeting. In addition, after each class the participants will be encouraged to write a one-page summary of the material covered. The summary will also include their takeaways and application of the material.

Each participant will receive supplementary handouts that will reinforce the mission-critical material that is covered during each training session. Upon graduation from the program, each participant will receive a certificate of completion and a copy of Leadership Simplified – The Field Guide for Savvy Leaders.


Testimonials from Past Phase II Participants

“It’s excellent! This program has positively changed the way I handle things in both my professional and personal life. This has made things easier for me. I absolutely recommend it! A lot of my co-workers can see the positive difference since I started this training.”

“I have enjoyed both the Phase I and Phase II programs. I think the timing is good for this group. I would like to see more of our new leaders take this program, along with Phase I.”

“Excellent! Solid content. Also, I appreciate the continued exposure and reinforcement from the Phase I program.”

“Practical application of concepts that are easily put into practice. Doug uses examples that can be tailored/modified to fit any type of execution.”

“Terrific program. Helpful for my everyday performance, as well as engaging with employees. The best part was enabling me to handle a wide variety of situations. The program has helped me to be a better leader.”

“I’ve gained a new perspective on learning, and will be putting many of these tools to use every day.”

“Great program with lots of good tools. Very good material and delivery. I love the program.”

“New, great topics and reinforcement of the sessions covered during Phase I. Multiple sessions that apply to day-to-day operations as a leader.”

“I think the overall program and structure is great. Between Phase I and Phase II, there are many great examples and lots of information.”

“Great! Awesome leadership skills. Very thorough.”

“Very good. Doug’s speaking skills are awesome. With great stories and voice fluctuations, you really remember what he said. Thank you!”

“Excellent follow up to Phase I. Doug’s delivery of the content has really equipped me with more necessary tools to use as a leader.”

“I really enjoyed the program. It is intuitive and straight forward. I learned a lot about time management, conducting meetings, presentation skills, and coaching. Doug is excellent at presenting the information and using great real-world examples to paint the picture.”

“Useful, relevant, well-delivered. Doug has true skills in delivering this training; natural and engaging.”

“Great program. Doug does a good job at adapting the source material to specific scenarios presented by the attendees.”

“I truly enjoy learning a more hands on approach to becoming an effective leader!”

“I thought that Phase II provided a good variety of topics that will help me become a better leader. The sessions on meetings and presentation skills were especially helpful.”

“Great delivery of useful content that can be applied in everyday situations.”

“Lots of useful information, tips, etc. on a wide scope of responsibilities and situations. Excellent course.”

“I think the program has improved my skills as a leader. Session 5 was the most helpful for me because I have always struggled with preparing performance reviews.”

Meeting Dates, Locations, Topics & Takeaways

The training sessions will last two hours (from 11am – 1pm) and take place over a two-month period. The locations will vary based on the manufacture’s that participate in the program.  


Session #1: 

Major Topics: How to Conduct Effective Meetings & Employee Engagement

Takeaways: During this session participants will hone the following skills:

  • How to properly plan an effective meeting
  • How to positively impact corporate culture
  • How to use tools that ensure you control the meeting
  • How to reinforce what was accomplished during the meeting with follow up techniques 
  • How to implement a bonus tip that will surprise you 
  • How to make your meetings an incredibly good use of time for each participant
  • How to build engagement with team members
  • How to increase employee engagement and create raving fans within your team!


Session #2: 

Major Topics: Time Management & Action Planning

Takeaways: During this session participants will hone the following skills:

  • How to embrace an acronym that will save you time
  • How to understand and overcome procrastination
  • How to take control of your day before it takes control of you
  • How to implement time management alternatives
  • How planning for actions leads to flawless execution
  • How your ABC’s can keep you focused
  • How planning for action leads to world-class execution 


Session #3: 

Major Topics: Coaching, Developing, & Mentoring Team Members

Takeaways: During this session participants will hone the following skills:

  • What formal and informal methods to use when coaching other professionals
  • How frequently to coach team members
  • Which direction to develop people
  • How to share feedback that leads to breakout performance!


Session #4: 

Major Topics: Presentation Skills & Public Speaking

Takeaways: During this session participants will learn the following:

  • success factors that guarantee a terrific presentation
  • 7 keys to preparation
  • 13 techniques to utilize during your presentation or speech
  • structures to ensure an engaging speaking event    
  • How to effectively use PowerPoint and visual aids
  • How to positively impact groups of people! 


Session #5: 

Major Topics: Interview Skills; Onboarding; & Performance Review Strategy

Takeaways: During this session participants will hone the following skills:

  • How much to talk during an interview
  • How to ask terrific interview questions
  • What interview questions to avoid
  • How to value behavior versus rapport during an interview
  • How to properly OnBoard a new team member
  • How to structure a “no surprise” performance review
  • How to make the performance review a process not an event   


Investment Per Participant

Tuition includes access to 5 training sessions, supplementary handouts, a copy of Leadership Simplified – The Field Guide for Savvy Leaders, and access to online materials. The minimum class size is sixteen participants. This unique, program is $500 per participant. 


September 10, 2019


Central Florida

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