Leadership Simplified: Doug Van Dyke

Florida Manufacturers’ Leadership Development Program
Phase I:  September 5, 2019

Description of Program

Over a series of five (5) sessions, participants will experinece training facilitated by Doug Van Dyke of Leadership Simplified. Each training session will take place from 11am – 1pm. The location will rotate between the various participating organizations. 

There will be an assignment associated with each training session that must be completed prior to the next meeting. In addition, after each class the participants will be encouraged to write a one-page summary of the material covered. The summary will also include their takeaways and application of the material. 

Each participant will receive a thumb drive containing three audios that will reinforce the mission-critical material that is covered during each training session. Upon graduation from the program, each participant will receive a copy of Leadership Simplified – The Field Guide for Savvy Leaders.


Testimonials from Past Phase I Participants

“The program in one word: Awesome!” 

“Doug Van Dyke (the facilitator) is extremely knowledgeable. He created an intuitive program that is easy to follow and understand.” 

“Anyone going into leadership or already operating in leadership capacity should take this program!” 

“Great program. Nice to hear about other organization’s struggles and successes. I plan to use the material forever.” 

“Very effective for all who attended. Left me feeling better about my leadership skills. Better mindset to clear up situations that are not desirable. All-in-all it was very beneficial.” 

“Excellent. I recommended to our CEO that all of our supervisors should take this program. It helped me very much. Thanks! I am getting better every day.” 

“Loads of useful information. Not only will this help in my professional life but my personal life as well.” 

“It was very helpful and insightful. I have learned a lot and have had employees notice a difference in how I manage now. I am very grateful for all your help.”


Meeting Dates, Locations, Topics & Takeaways

The training sessions will last two hours (from 11am – 1pm) and take place over a two-month period. The locations will vary based on the manufacture’s that participate in the program.  


Session #1: 

Major Topics: Email Best Practices, Formal Writing Skills, Non-Verbal Communication Skills, The Art of the Question, Listening Skills, Power Paraphrasing, Purposeful Pause, Power of 5

Takeaways: During this session participants will hone the following skills:

  • How to use email in the most effective manner
  • How to improve written communication
  • How to ask brilliant questions that unlock volumes of important information
  • How to listen in a manner that will get people’s attention
  • How to leverage the most powerful communication technique known to man
  • How to effectively use body language
  • How to strategically use tone of voice
  • How to make important messages stick!


Session #2: 

Major Topic: Collaboration – Working Agreements

Takeaways: During this session participants will hone the following skills:

  • How to enhance workplace collaboration and get people working together!
  • How to eliminate “us versus them” in the workplace
  • How a leader and a team that are at odds can work together productively
  • How a new leader can quickly bond with his/her team and top producers
  • How peers in a matrix organization can coordinate their efforts more effectively
  • How to bridge geographical separation that is causing mistakes and misunderstandings
  • How to minimize role conflict between leaders and/or team members


Session #3: 

Major Topics: Leadership Styles; Understanding Change

Takeaways: During this session participants will learn the following:

  • What factors make up the climate of a work group
  • What financial benefits are associated with a well-functioning team
  • What is the main factor impacting the climate of a team
  • How many styles a leader should master
  • How particular leadership styles positively or negatively impact workplace climate
  • What four areas make up a leader’s emotional intelligence
  • What items make up the ten reasons why team members resist change


Session #4: 

Major Topics: Priority Management, Delegation, Coaching & Developing Others, and Sharing Effective Feedback

Takeaways: During this session participants will hone the following skills:

  • How to best communicate rapidly changing priorities
  • How to structure a process for sharing top organizational priorities
  • How to build a sense of urgency around your organization’s priorities
  • How to effectively delegate tasks
  • What formal and informal methods to use when coaching other professionals
  • How frequently to coach team members
  • Which direction to develop people
  • How to share feedback that team members embrace  


Session #5: 

Major Topic: How to Deliver Difficult Conversations & Conflict Management

Takeaways: During this session participants will hone the following skills:

  • How to thoroughly analyze a difficult situation 
  • How to craft the best strategy when faced with a tough conversation
  • How to deliver a difficult message with confidence
  • How to resolve workplace conflicts between two quarreling leaders
  • resolution strategies to employ when embroiled in conflict


Investment Per Participant

Tuition includes access to 5 training sessions, a thumb drive containing three audio training segments, a copy of Leadership Simplified – The Field Guide for Savvy Leaders, and access to online materials. This unique, program is $500 per participant.


September 5, 2019


Phase I

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