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Florida Manufacturers’ Leadership Development Program

Description of Program

Each session consists of a series of five (5) sessions. Participants will experience training facilitated by Doug Van Dyke of Leadership Simplified. Each training session will take place from 11am – 1pm. The location will rotate between the various participating organizations.

There will be an assignment associated with each training session that must be completed prior to the next meeting. In addition, after each class the participants will be encouraged to write a one-page summary of the material covered. The summary will also include their takeaways and application of the material.

Below is a cross-section of topics covered during the program, as well as the percentage of improvement realized by participants as a result of our program.


Category % Increase
1. Managing Email 42%
2. Written Communication 39%
3. Verbal Communication 42%
4. Paraphrasing 34%
5. Body Language 45%
6. Collaboration 43%
7. Leadership Styles 44%
8. Emotional Intelligence 44%
9. Driving Change 48%
10. Implementing Change 47%
11. Delegation 44%
12. Priority Management 45%
13. Coaching & Developing 50%
14. Delivering Feedback 38%
15. Conflict Management 43%
16. Delivering Difficult Conversations 54%

Phase I:

Leaders impact culture! Nothing will impact the culture of your organization more positively than a well-rounded, cutting-edge leader. Raise the bar of excellence by sponsoring key leaders in your organization to attend our engaging, high-impact leadership development program.  

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Phase II: 

Help your team members continue their leadership journey by enrolling them in the second phase of the Central Florida Manufacturer’s Leadership Development Program. They will continue to raise their bar of excellence as they attend five engaging, high-impact training sessions.   

Click here for more info about Phase II.

Phase III

The leadership journey continues as your team members experience new and advanced topics presented during Phase III of the Central Florida Manufacturer’s Leadership Development Program. Team members will continue to raise their bar of excellence as they engage in these high-impact training sessions.

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Phase IV - The Leadership Accelerator

This is the capstone course on a leader's journey to excellence. This case study-based course will expand a leader's ability to make sound decisions, master conversations, and drive actions. In many ways this program covers what the business schools and MBA programs don’t teach you!

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